5 Tips on What to Wear to Your Engagement Session


Deciding what to wear can be hard sometimes! Our closet may be full of clothes and we still can’t seem to find the right outfit. If you’re stressing out over selecting your outfit for your engagement session...keep reading!

Our first word of advice is to take a big deep breath! Then read the following tips to get ready for your engagement session. We know that picking out the perfect outfit for your engagement session can be daunting at first because we have been there ourselves! We know how hard it was to settle on our outfits for our engagement session, PLUS it is one of the questions we get the most as Chicago engagement photographers. So, let’s dive in and help you pick out the perfect outfit for your engagement photos:

1. Coordinate your outfits instead of matching each other!

As CUTE as it may seem to wear the same colored shoes, shirt, jeans, etc., your photos will turn out even CUTER if you choose colors and styles that coordinate. Instead of being too matchy matchy, coordinating your look will produce a beautiful contrast! That contrast will help both of you to stand out more than if you were wearing the exact same color and you will look great together.


2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This pro tip can make a HUGE difference! Staying comfortable, and especially wearing comfy shoes, can be the trick to genuine smiles! We highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes to your session and, if you do want to rock a pair of heels, pack them along to change into for a few photos. You can thank us later. how-to-choose-outfit-for-engagement-session-chicago-engagement-photographer-rousary-photography


3. Dress to feel your BEST.

We also recommend that you choose your outfit based on what makes you feel your best—your most confident! This means picking out outfits that you love the way you look in. If you look in the mirror and don’t feel 100% about an outfit, you will likely feel the same way in front of the camera. Feeling confident will make your photos turn out 100 times better, so pick out an outfit you love so you’ll love the images you receive later! It will also help to avoid outfits that tend to malfunction or look not-so-cute from certain angles. These types of outfits just end up being a pain as you’ll have to be readjusting constantly. There’s no benefit to stressing over a finicky outfit for no good reason.


4. Be careful with patterns!

Coordinating patterns is also important! One thing that many of our couples have found helpful is having the bride-to-be select her outfit and having the groom-to-be plan his outfit around that. For example, if the bride is wearing a busy pattern or bright colors, the groom could select something more solid and muted. On that note, we highly recommend avoiding small patterns (patterns that are smaller than a dime). These tiny patterns can create a strange effect in photos, so try to steer clear! Solids and larger patterns turn out much nicer in photos.


5. Don't forget the little things!

Accessories can add finesse to a simple outfit. Whether it is a scarf, a statement necklace, or your favorite pair of hoops, these little details can make the entire outfit! You’ll definitely be showing off your engagement ring, but these other details will also pop! And don’t forget the little things like your nails, eyebrows, and lashes! Plan ahead to have your nails in good repair or done before your engagement session. Your session will also be a good excuse to get your eyebrows and lashes done 😉.


BONUS TIP: Don’t stress over your dress! Just pick out some outfits that make you feel great and get excited. We are here to help guide you through your session and make it as fun as possible! Trust us—you guys will look, feel, and do AMAZING!

To sum it all up:

  • Dont over think it.
  • Dress in a way that makes you FEEL GREAT.
  • Do you, Boo!

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